Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Halloween Figurative Language

For Halloween, I wanted to do something somewhat fun! I knew my kids would be crazy that day so I decided to forgo any whole-group instruction. Instead I settled for Halloween Figurative Language Houses! A couple of weeks before the spooky holiday, one of my moms sent in these black, foam Halloween Houses with stickers to decorate them with. I knew I wanted to incorporate them somehow! What better way than creating spooky figurative language! Since we have been learning our types of figurative language, I thought this would be a fun way for me to assess my students knowledge of fig. language. Before I let their creative juices flow, we went over each type of figurative language and I had a volunteer give us an example of each. Then I told them that they could decorate their houses however they wanted, but their figurative language had to be written on the front of the sheet. They could do however many onomatopoeias that they wanted to, but I would only grade one plus they had to come up with another type of fig. language to write. Then they had to write what type of fig. language they wrote on the back of the paper. Some did great, some did not! Guess that's pretty much how it works all the time. Ha! I took pictures of all of my kids, but I don't want to put them up here for their sake. I took a picture of what they looked like outside of my room. Some have fallen off, but you get the picture. I think they turned out pretty cute!!

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