Monday, November 14, 2011

Doin' the Shuffle

My family is commonly known as the "Slam-a-fords." We are a VERY loud family. We slam back doors, drawers, microwave doors, etc. We are loud when we put the dishes and silverware up, we yell across the house to each other, and we always know when one of my family members enters our house. We are just a loud family. I attribute this to my dads side of the family!

Due to the fact that we are a loud family, our loudness is such a comfort to me. I love coming home and hearing all the sounds of my house. I can be sitting anywhere in my house whether it be my room, the kitchen, upstairs, etc, and know the exact minute that my dad opens the back door. He has such a force to opening it, and then he slams it shut. He is announcing he is home in his own unique way. Jordan has also formed his own unique way of entering our home and so has Jacob. It makes me feel comfortable and happy to be a part of a family who expresses themselves so loudly. It's like we are all yelling, "Lookout world! Here we are!"

Not only does my dad open and shut things loudly, he also has a certain way that he walks with his slippers on. I can hear my dad walking across the house because of his slipper "shuffle." He drags the heels of his feet so the bottom part of the slipper drags on the floor and makes a loud "swish" noise. I often lay in bed at night, and I know exactly what my dad is doing just because I can hear all of the noises he makes! The TV is turned all the way up, then I hear his ottoman being shoved out from under him and scrape along our hardwood floor. I hear his slippers "shuffle" on the hardwoods and then on the kitchen tile. I hear the freezer door open while he shoves stuff around to get to the ice cream. I then hear the cupboard door open, a bowl clang on the counter, and the cupboard door slam shut. I hear the drawer open and a spoon clang onto the granite countertop, and the drawer slam shut. I then hear the ice-cream plop into the bowl, then the water come on while he rinses the ice-cream scoop. The freezer door opens once again and then slams shut. I hear the spoon clang into the bowl and the slipper "shuffle" resumes as he walks back to his chair. It is so comforting to hear the sounds of my family, and I love hearing him in his nightly routine.

Just before he heads to bed each night, I hear him get up from his chair once again. I then can hear him walking back to my room, and I know what is coming up. First he stops at Jacobs room and tells him he loves him and goodnight. Then I see his head peak in my room to tell me he loves me and goodnight. I always smile when I hear those loud "shuffling" footsteps headed back towards my room because it is one of my favorite parts of my day. It makes me feel loved, comfortable, and secure. I love knowing that my dad still takes the time out of his night to come wish his 15 year old son and 22 year old daughter goodnight.

My dad is a very special person. He puts his family before everything, and it is evident in so many ways. My dad is a man of few words, but as I have always said, actions speak louder than words. He has never missed anything that is remotely important to any of us (minus my 10th year old birthday-ha!). He has been at horse shows, piano recitals, basketball games, powderpuff games, sorority functions, birthdays, etc. He never misses a thing. He always lets each of his kids know that we mean more to him than anything.

This post was very random, but I am so very thankful for my earthly Father. Words cannot express how much I love him. Thank you, Daddy!! I love you!

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